Trackside Theater began in 2008 as Blue Ridge Youth Theater, which offered theater classes and showcases at Luray Middle School. Family-oriented from the start, our original founders were Kira and David Newman, Jim Newman, and Barbara and Robert Baker. Just to mix up the last names a little, Lisa Aleshire, our current president, joined the board of directors in 2013.

Trackside Theater, mid-construction, February 2012
Trackside Theater, mid-construction, February 2012

In 2012, we moved to our current location, transforming it into the purple theater you know today. As of mid-2023, we've done around 50 shows and hope to do many more in years to come.

We are a 100% volunteer-run 501c3 nonprofit corporation and have stayed around for over 10 years, even through the pandemic, with the wonderful support of our community and our Patrons.

Trackside Theater in 2022 after a performance of Sense and Since-A-Hillbilly by local playwright Kevin Kite

Our Mission

Providing the Luray and Page County community with youth shows as well as musicals, dramas, comedies, old time radio shows, and mysteries for all ages, we at Trackside aim to give our community—children and adults alike—entertainment as well a place to perform and volunteer with and for our families.

The Board of Directors

The following people have been essential in keeping our theater running through the years, tirelessly volunteering their time, energy, and resources throughout the years. Thank you all so much!

Current Members

  • Lisa Aleshire, President
  • Barbara Baker, Artistic Director/Treasurer
  • Janell Robisch, Secretary
  • Alison Coltrane
  • Linda "LC" Cripps-Weaverling
  • Jennifer Seaward
  • Marceline Miller
  • Lily Robisch, Youth Representative

Founding Members

  • Barbara Baker
  • Robert Baker
  • David Newman
  • Kira Newman
  • James Newman

Former Members

  • Rachel Aleshire
  • Robert Baker
  • Mary Lee Clark
  • Casey Ehlers
  • Chrissy Ehlers
  • Stephanie Laurie
  • Kevin Kite
  • Chris Marston
  • Emilie Miranda
  • Kira Newman
  • David Newman
  • James Newman
  • Nia Rivere
  • Travis Wolf
  • Amanda Zimbro

In Memoriam

  • Betsy Clark, 2012, beloved props mistress
  • Robert "Bob" Baker, 2020, founder and extraordinary set designer

Community Theater for the Whole Family

Trackside Theater

32B East Main Street
P.O. Box 614
Luray, VA 22835

Blue Ridge Youth Theater dba Trackside Theater is a 501(c)3 corporation.

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